Sunday, August 9, 2009

T Mack: With A Few Q's And A's

1. Who Are You And Give Us A Little Background Information?

I'm A 20 Year Old Up And Coming Lyricist From Beans NY. What Does Beans Stand For? Well That's My Way Of Throwing Together Brooklyn And Queens. I Was Brooklyn Born But Raised In Queens.

2. Who Are Your Rap Influences? Whose Lyrical Style Do You Feel Yours Is Similar To?

Well Growing Up I Was Influenced By Alot Of Southern Artists Such As Juvenille And The Hot Boys, UGK, Outkast, And Many Other Artists. As Far As Me Being Similar To Anyone Lyrically I Personally Feel I Cant Be Compared To Anyone Else. I Have A Unique Sound, Style, And Demeanor.

3. Name Your Top 5 Rappers Of All Time, Dead Or Alive?

Well That's A Hard One But I'm Gonna Try. I Would Put Jay-Z At My Number 5 Spot, Papoose At My Number 4 Spot, Tupac At My Number 3 Spot, Nas At My Number 2 Spot, And Biggie At My Number 1 Spot.

4. What Is Your Favorite Album Of All Time ( The One You Feel Is An Unarguable Classic)?

It Would Be A Toss Up Between 50 Cents Get Rich Or Die Trying Or Kanye West's Graduation.

5. What Distinguishes You From All The Other Rappers Out Right Now? Why Do You Think You've Got That Special Something?

I Know I Stand Out Mainly Because I Can Rap About Anything. I Can Do Whatever It Is I Put My Mind To And Because I Hold On To This Constant Mindset I Feel Like There Is Nothing I Can't Do.

6. Do You Think Rap Is A Respected Genre? Why Or Why Not?

I Believe Rap Is Respected To An Extent Because It Seems Like Rappers Always Get Talked Down On. Rappers Get Tons Of Negative Criticism As If Lyrics And Musical Content Impact Society On A Grand Scale.

7. Are You More Into Old Skool Rap Or New Skool?

Old Skool, Hands Down

8. Like One Of The Greats Nas Said "Hip Hop Is Dead" Do You Believe That Statement From Him Was Ridiculous Or Do You Agree?

I Wouldn't Go As Far As Saying Hip Hop Is Dead But I Do Believe That Hip Hop Right Now Is In A Transitional Period. It Will Eventually, With The Help Of Up And Coming Artists (Along With Some Old Skool Cats Getting Back To Their Crafts), Evolve Back To What It Once Was.

9. What Do You Hope To Accomplish Throughout Your Career?

I Would Like To See Myself Gain Respect As One Of The Best To Ever Do It. I Also Want To Be Seen As A HIP HOP ICON.

10. Why Did You Want To Enter Into The "Rap Industry"?

I Entered The Hip Hop Industry Because Hip Hop Has Always Lived In Me And Forever Will. I'm Certain That The World Should Hear My Story, Which Is One That Hasn't Been Told Before.

11. Do You Have An Album/Music Available? If So How Can Followers Purchase Or Hear Them?

I Just Released A Mix Tape On May 21, 2009 Title The Mark of A Crazy Kid.....Which Is Actually An Acronym Of My Name Tmack. You Can Visit:

You Can Contact Me Anytime Via Aim: Tmackiemdm